Who can replace Kevin Hart as Oscars 2019 host after homophobic tweets?

Who's next?: Kevin Hart has stepped down from the role ( Getty Images )

Kevin Hart has stepped down as host of the 2019 Academy Awards amid controversy over homophobic tweets he posted nearly a decade ago.

The US comedian and actor was named as the host of the Oscars on Tuesday, however, shortly after his appointment, tweets from 2009 and 2011 resurfaced which contained offensive language towards the LGBT community.

On Friday, Hart announced on Twitter that he was stepping aside as he apologised for his "insensitive" words.

So who will stand in his place? Here's a handful of potential candidates:

Jimmy Kimmel

An obvious choice, but Kimmel has already proven he can handle the pressure of an Oscar’s stage twice, having previously hosted the show in 2016 and 2017.

The American chat show host showed he can weave in the right amount of controversy without getting the Academy in trouble and still keep the audience awake.

And his mum might even deliver some fresh Oscar-shaped cookies again for the peckish audience, giving him a few bonus points. With Kimmel seeing two successful runs he could easily be on standby for the hat-trick if needs be.

Kristen Bell

The Good Place star Bell proved she can make any stage work for her after she became the first ever host of this year’s prestigious SAG Awards. Bell impressed with her eloquent delivery and witty humour.

She’s even previously guest-hosted for Kimmel making her a good alternative to the late night host.

Plus, if it’s a controversy-free star the Academy are looking to showcase, Bell has Disney princess under her belt.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer

This hilarious dynamic duo are best known for their dry, ironic humour. The pair proved they are a match made-in-heaven after they hosted the Golden Globes back in 2016.

Their effortless self-deprecating wit combined with a genuine-comfort they find in each other made Lawrence and Schumer an easy watch as they breezed through a number of topical jokes. With both actresses popular with audiences, the pair could be the perfect fit for the Oscars.

Hilarious: Reynolds is known for his sarcastic humour (Getty Images)

Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is loved globally for his very sarcastic humour, often taking the internet by storm for his savage comments about wife Blake Lively.

But what makes Ryan Reynolds perfect for the job as host is his lack of embarrassment factor, meaning he’s pretty much open to giving anything a go in the name of comedy. Paired with the right comedian, Reynolds could make Oscars history if he were to step on the stage as host.

Next up: Key and Peele have become known for their relatable sketches (Getty Images)

Key & Peele

Hilarious comedy duo Key and Peele, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, have become globally popular for their Comedy Central sketches as part of their self-titled show.

With Peele now an Oscar winner, having taken the gong for Best Original Screenplay for get Out last year, the duo could easily hold an Oscar’s audience with their global humour and relatability.

The pair have also become well known for tackling race through humour, making them more time-relevant than ever.

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