Nick Knowles gets the boot from I'm A Celebrity after branding the moon landing 'fake'

Nick Knowles was sent packing from the I’m A Celebrity camp after 20 days in the jungle.

The TV presenter appeared sombre as he received the news that he was next to exit the show after landing in the bottom two with fellow contestant Fleur East.

Opening up on his time on the show, Knowles told hosts Declan Donnelly and Holly Willoughby how he was hopeful his “extraordinary” experience would inspire viewers at home.

He said: “When I came in here I wanted to see if a whole bunch of people could come together and make friends.

“We’re having such a hard time in the UK [with being divided] I wanted to see if we could all get on then it might be a pointer for everyone at home.”


Speaking about his natural leadership qualities, he added: “It wasn’t so much taking charge for me, it was just I had done more stuff in the wild then they had so it was a matter of taking the weight of that, especially the cooking. You don’t want to mess up the cooking.”

However, Knowles also took time to reflect on the “tough bits” that viewers don’t see at home, such as “lugging the wood uphill” and “boredom”.

After Wednesday night’s show, the 56-year-old faced a backlash from fans after claiming the moon landing was “fake.”

The DIY SOS presenter left his camp-mates, and viewers, baffled as he insisted Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never set foot on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

Good spirits: Knowles seemed content with being booted out (ITV)

"No one's landed on the moon," he said. "No we haven't. When [the US] discovered they couldn't get to the moon they faked it."

Anne Hegerty attempted to dispel his arguments, telling him the Russians were tracking the US mission, how they managed to take photos and how the astronauts avoided radiation poisoning.

Emily Atack was unconvinced by Knowles' claims, branding them "b*******". She said: "Nick has one of those voices where you believe everything he says - but I don't belive we didn't go to the moon.

Nick Knowles claims moon landing was 'fake'

"I think it's b*******. I think we have landed on the moon."

Knowles also sparked mass outcry after he left viewers begging for him to “stop singing” after his cover of Make You Feel My Love hit number one on the iTunes chart.

Commenting on the song’s success, he said: “Even if its comedy value, thank you very much. Its ridiculous.”

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