Apple picks 2018's best apps and games for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch


We’ve had the best Android apps of 2018, and now it’s time to turn our attention to Apple.

The Apple Best of 2018 list has been revealed, highlighting the top charts and picks from Apple’s editors across categories including apps, music, podcasts, and more.

Apple describes it as “an invariable list of the who’s who and what’s what from the past year.”

In terms of apps, there were a few stand-out trends over the year. Self-care was a big one, with wellness apps like Fabulous and Calm making their way to the top of the App Store.

When it comes to gaming, it was all about the Battle Royale-style games like Fortnite and Players Unknown Battleground.

Here are the best Apple apps for you to download now.

Best iPhone App 2018: Procreate Pocket

Apple is getting creative with its pick for best app of the year. Procreate Pocket is a sketching, painting and illustration app so you can create beautiful designs on the go.

Using Apple’s signature 3D touch tech you can turn a rough sketch into an illustration with 135 brush options and 64-Bit colour accuracy.

Procreate Pocket

Best iPhone Game 2018: Donut County

Donut County is the hit iPhone game of 2018 for the sheer ridiculousness of the storyline. You play as a BK, a racoon, who swallows up his friends and homes by controlling a growing hole in the ground until he falls down his own hole and has to deal with the consequences.

The game was created by Ben Esposito, one of the designers on What Remains of Edith Finch which won big at this year’s Bafta Games awards, so you know it’s going to be good.

Donut County

Best iPad App 2018: Froggipedia

If you’ve always wanted to be able to dissect a frog, then Froggipedia is the iPad app for you. Learn about the life cycle of the frog using augmented reality, as well as the chance to dissect a creature using the iPad stylus.

There’s also a fun quiz at the end to test your knowledge.


Best iPad Game 2018: Gorogoa

Gorgoa has been selected as the number one iPad game for 2018. It combines puzzles and storytelling, designed and illustrated by former software engineer Jason Roberts.

Apple said: “You might get stuck the first time you play Gorogoa. But once the gears of your brain settle into the right configurations, you’ll see how smart this mix of art and perspective really is.”


Best Apple Watch Apps 2018

Instead of settling on just one app for the Apple Watch, Apple picked 10. Easy meditation app 10% Happier made an appearance, as it did on Google’s best apps of 2018 list, as well as several other health and fitness apps including WaterMinder, Lifesum, Swing Tennis Tracker and Slopes.

CARROT Weather, one of the most useful Watch apps was also included on the list. CARROT says it is a “crazy-powerful” weather app with eerily accurate weather data. A necessary app when planning any outdoor sporting activities.

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